Create an Order for only a specific customer - Pre-populate based on in-prog SignIn

Thanks so much for everyone’s help so far. I have one last problem (I hope).

In the attached .omi file in the Signin screen I am trying to create a new order based on the customer that I have “signed in” as. In other words, only allow the current customer to be the customer for the order. The current screen allows me to enter a name and password which then allows me to retrieve the orders for that customer. I am trying to add a new order for that customer on that page but for customer, it only provides a dropdown list which includes all customers. Is there a way to restrict this and only populate with the searched and found customer?



This seems like it works on the save. Any thoughts?

Hi Alan, 

you can add few attributes like CreatedBy/CreatedOn, UpdatedBy /UpdatedOn in order entity and Map them with GetUserId().

GetUserID() will return the ID for logged in user .

So once you used order aggregate entity always apply filter with GetUserID (), this way you will get records for logged In User only.

Hope this will give you idea to resolve your usecase.


Thanks but I don't want to use a logged in user. I want to allow for users to create accounts and then use that Name and Password.


This seems like it works on the save. Any thoughts?

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