Show a container only if in the previous dropdown something specific is selected
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I want to show a container only if in the previous dropdown something specific is selected.

for example i want that if i select "DepositoTitoli" the container "Contenuto" is shown, otherwise it has to disappear.

Hi Brayan,

Use a Boolean variable with default as false and assign the visible property of container with the Boolean variable.

Now on dropdown on change,

check if selected value='DepositoTitoli ' assign the Boolean variable :True

This way your container will visible based on selection.

Like below snap: ShowContainer is a Boolean variable with default: False

then assign the ShowContainer to Visible property of container, so by default it will not be visible but

but once drop-down value selected and set is true then container will automatically visible.

Hope this will help you.


Thanks Dileep,

I forgot to mention something, the dropdown of "Deposito Titoli" is referred to a static entity, i put the deposito titoli Insert Content to true and the other attributes to false.

I did this because it's easier to change in the future with other attributes.

so the check if has to check if the insert content is true (and if true is referred only to deposito titoli) and?

Then you can use sometimes as below.


Yes its a variable, for your case the variable you have used in dropdown widget to get the selected value from dropdown.

OK thank you it works, another question and then ima leave you in peace haha.

If i select deposito titoli and write something on the cointainer that appears but then i select another thing instead of deposito titoli and then come back to deposito titoli to show the container again, i want that the cointainer doesn't have the same thing i wrote before changing the deposito titoli

Good to hear it works...:)



Hi Brayan,

Does the container have an Input widget? If Yes, then every time when "Deposito Titoli" is selected and you set the 'ShowContainer' to True, you also need to set the Input widget's local variable = "". This way the container's contents always get cleared.



Yes indeed,

but i would prefer to do this at the moment the container goes from visible to hidden.  Otherwise there is ´dirty´  data in the variable that might accidentally get saved or mess up validation or something.


Agreed Dorine, valid point.

@Brayan, setting the local variable to "" at the very beginning of the OnChange action, before the 'if' condition should do it. So as soon as a different value is selected the container contents will be cleared. 

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