Input Widget Date Format Incorrect
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11.11.9 (Build 46344)

I want to display the date as YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss but the display is 


Problem: There is a T between Date and Time.  The Seconds is missing.

The original Input widget shows the Time in 12 Hours, having AM and PM which I do not want, I want 24Hrs. Therefore, I added a date Picker to change the format of the date

The data binding for the updatedOn is as follows

The entity Students2 has an attribute of updatedOn. The dataType is set as DateTime, No Default Value.

The incorrect DateTime display is follows

Would anyone kindly suggest/direct me to the solve the date parsing issue?


after 2 Days of struggling the solutions are as follows

Environment: Reactive Apps Environment 

  1. On the UI Flow Create an event OnReady
  2. OnReady Assign Variable updatedOn as Text
  3. FormatDateTime(GetStudentById.List.Current.Student2.updatedOn,"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss")

Figure 1 UI Flow in OnReady Client Action

Figure 2 Rendered Date in HTML


Hi Calvin,

Here I can see date format like no sapce between DD and HH

It should be like - "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss" instead of "YYYY-MM-DDHH:mm:ss"  

It does not work with the format


Rendered HTML

How is  your Date retrieved?

The Date as shown in Figure 1 is retrieved from database which has error.



The data Defined in a local variable with a dynamic value, CurrDateTime() formats the date correctly.

let t=CurrDateTime()


(Settings in the Date Picker Widget)

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