Upload Form

I downloaded this program as I need to develope an upload (info and Pics) form for my website.
I am not bad with computers, but this PHP thing got me.

Is there anybody who would give me helping hand, starting from the beginning!

Thank you!

Sheena x
Hello Sheena,

Welcome to the OutSystems Agile Network forums

I've notice you just sign into the network, so do the developer course 1, after that you'll see that your performance will improve a lot and you will learn how to do what you want.
Check it out here: http://www.outsystems.com/Training/Course.aspx?CourseId=0&TrackId=56.

Hugo Pinheiro
Agreed, the intro training was the best possible investment for my productivity that I've made in a long time. My biggest regret with Agile Platform is that I pushed forwards without doing the training and lost a lot of time! It's only a few hours to get through the basics, a WELL worth it.