Issue with list after ListFilter showing first list item repeated
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Service Studio Version
11.11.9 (Build 46344)


I am experiencing an issue with a list, the data is retrieved from external API, I assign the data to a local variable and bind the list to this, which works.

when I attempt to filter my list using listfilter, I receive the correct number of items but the list shows the first list item entry repeated, in debug mode I can see the filter working correctly and the list source local variable getting set to this new filtered subset.

the api is called using 


it assigns the results to local variable

after data is fetched I bind the results to variable and sort

I have an on change event on the filter tasks, that fires

and then the list looks like

am i missing a step in rebinding the list, or something, it looks like the list item at index[0] is getting drawn for number of items returned from the filter.

Hi Patrick,

apparently from the code you shown, it looks ok.

my action here would be debugging from the external API call to the last action and find out at what point the list becomes "weird" or if it is like that from the source.


Hello Patrick,

It would help if we could see the actual filter logic and the assignments. Please share screenshots if you can,



Hi guys,

sorry for delay in response.

this the source and filter conditions

does this help at all?

Thank you Patrick, nothing seems out of place with the filter logic, and how about the assignment logic? 

I have tried to reproduce the issue for lack of an oml, but works just fine for me ofcourse.

If you recreate the issue in an oml that you are able to share, that would get us to a resolution for sure.

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