changee the paging control position

Is it possible to change the paging control (1,2,3...5) position from right to the left of table?
Just set the style attribute for the container enclosing the pager, or if you want it to happen for all tables, edit the container's style in the style sheet.

Hi J Ja,

Thanks for replying. I tried your instruction. But it didn't work for me. Maybe some of my steps were wrong.
Please check my attached picture, let me know where I missed.
Hi Richard,

just open your RichWidgets eSpace, and follow the steps in image bellow.

After that refresh references and you should be ready to go!

Best Regards,
Miguel Antunes
Great suggestion Miguel!

Actually, if I may suggest one thing even further, I would suggest doing that in your own eSpace's stylesheet, instead of RichWidgets. Assuming that that CSS change works, add

div.ListNavigation_Wrapper {
 float: left !important;

to your own eSpace.

The reason for this is that if you do it in RichWidgets, whenever you upgrade RichWidgets in the future, you will have to merge your changes in order to keep them.

However, the downside to my suggestion is that if you want this change in lots of eSpaces, then you'll have to compromise: either do it centrally in RichWidgets, and remember to keep that change when you upgrade, OR do it in every eSpace you want...

Still, great job Justin and Miguel!

Richard, let us know if this helps.


Paulo Tavares
Big thanks to Miguel. It's so easy to understand with a referenced picture.

Thanks to Paulo, to keep the style within the eSpace is definately the best practice to my project.
Good to hear Richard!

Let us know how it goes, and if you need anything else.

Regards, and good luck with your project.

Paulo Tavares