Get the contents of the record from a list.

Using this output parameter, I know which record is being clicked on in my mobile application.

I'm new to outsystems and I have no idea how to get the value of an element (field) when I click on the item of the list.

As I know the CurrentRowNumber, I would like to get the value for example from the element (field) tasks that is in the CurrentRowNumber, which I am showing below, that is, I want to get the value "Café".

Can you teach me step by step?


Marcelo Sampaio


Hi Marcelo,

You can follow below steps to get that.

Easy and fast way.

1-  Create Producao1Data entity

2- Go to Main UIFlow, Drag the entity to mail UIFlow, this will create two screen for you one is list screen other one is list details screens.

3- Now once you click on any list item it will open that record in detail screen.

But in your case.

1- First create a mobile screen and right click k and get data from Database.

2- Drag the aggregate GetProducao1Data to screen.

3- Create a Onclick action on ListItem.

4- Under action to get the current row value by using


Hope this will help you.



I followed your procedures and it worked perfectly...

Just to make it clearer to other users who need the same help, the detailed procedures I followed were:

1- To get the value of a record in a list, it is necessary to create a ListItem on a screen.

2-Inside this ListItem (on the left) it is necessary to create a List.

3-Inside this List, we will place the table with the data, which will create the AGGREGATE and in the ONCLICK event of the ListAction, we will create a local variable (integer) of the created screen and assign the value of this variable:

Aggregate.List.CurrentRowNumber + 1 (this will get the current item).

In my case, I created a button to pass the information of the current item and on this button, I created one more local variable (text) the screen created and assigned the value of this second variable:

Aggregate.List.Current.Table.Tasks (which is the field I needed to get).

Thank you very much Dileep.

Great! Glad to know you are able to solve it. Happy coding...:)

Cheers happy weekends!


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