[July] Updates on OutSystems Documentation and Online Training

Hello everyone!

We, your Technical Knowledge team at OutSystems, are eager to improve our documentation and training to better enable you.

We regularly gather information from several sources on how each page is being used and its overall score, based on your invaluable "thumbs up/down" feedback.

Not only that, but we also take note of the written feedback we get from the Community. After gathering this information, we perform our own investigation to determine what we can do to make these pages more useful. Our goal is to help you find the information you need quickly so you can get back to creating awesome apps.

 Here are your July updates:

Expanding your user experience with new patterns

  • The Map component for Reactive Web apps now provides users with updated information about static maps and the Map component itself. We've also added more examples about how users use the Map component in their applications.

  • The Data Grid component for Reactive Web apps now provides users with updated information about Data Grid component itself, some associated known issues, as well as related APIs. We've also added more examples about how users use the Data Grid component in their applications.

  • On the OutSystems UI, everything is responsive — themes, layouts, and patterns. We now have an article that describes how OutSystems provides a set of adaptive and responsive behaviors that allow developers to easily create applications to work with all browsers, devices, and resolutions. 


Improving mobile and reactive experiences

  • With the new version of the Barcode Plugin, there’s a new scanning experience, including a new Scanner UI as well as support for new encoding types.
    We updated the documentation to let our developers use the newest features and have more information about the supported barcode standards.

  • We continue to work on rolling out documentation on the new Reactive SEO features. There’s new content on how the platform prioritizes the URLs in an app.

Documentation for enterprise ecosystems

  • The latest installment of the enterprise-grade document series on application lifecycle management—ALM in OutSystems: DevOps—was published Tuesday 29 June. This article gives a high-level description of how DevOps can be implemented in an OutSystems factory, illustrating, to an enterprise architect, how the platform's features and built-in tools simplify adoption of DevOps culture and facilitate integration of third-party platforms into the process.

  • New content helps developers to implement automated and structured component testing, which can improve the speed and quality of development.

Improved your user experience with more robust error messages

Frustrating as they may be, errors happen. What we want to know is to fix them and fast. The most common TrueChange Errors and Warnings are improved to get you on the right track.

Did you know that:

  • adding an Input Parameter to a Block in a Reactive Web App causes the element’s signature to be incompatible with the information known by the consumer module?
    Check more about it at Modified Signature.

  • Some endpoints in LifeTime API v2 are only available as of LifeTime 11.5.0? Ever tried to call one only to receive a 404? They are now clearly identified at the LifeTime API v2 documentation.

OutSystems on Azure.

Want to give a try to OutSystems on Azure? Install OutSystems Trial on Azure Was revamped, the instructions were improved and no step was missed. It's now possible to go through all the journey all the way to start developing with this guide.  Cheers to Helena Lameiro for challenging us to take this document to the next level.

Community contributions to documentation.

OutSystems documentation is open to contribution on GitHub. Every month we incorporate several contributions from our community members. In July, we’ve like to thank Caio Magalhães, Swatantra Kumar and Nitish Kumar.

Do you want to contribute as well? Easy, just click Edit on any of our articles.

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I've tried maps component it's really cool, is there any way to show the order of points plotted on the map using polyline web block

So clearly saying the points coming from the aggregate contains the order integer parameter that we need to display on the marker 

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