[Ultimate PDF] net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on iOS
Forge component by Leonardo Fernandes
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.9 (Build 46344)
Platform Version
11.11.3 (Build 29602)

Hi Ultimate PDF team,

This component is really great, and I tried to incorporate use the "PrintToPDF_Advanced" action from the component on a mobile app, and it works really great when using Android devices.

Unfortunately, it seems that when using an iOS I get the following error inside that action:

Do you by any chance know what may be causing this, and if there is any workaround for this?

I though all the screen rendering and chromium usage would be done completely by the server itself, so I'm really out of ideas why this issue only happens on iOS devices.

Thanks in advance :)

Hi Nuno ,

Can you please provide iOS device details .

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