What’s the approach to be senior from junior Outsystems developer

I would like to get some suggestions from senior developers, what’s advance skills should I learn or projects to develop. Currently I am working as Outsystems web developer with one and half years of experience.

Thanks in advance??  

Hi Sanjay,

to improve and learn more about OutSystems you can follow the courses available, read articles in the Dev Zone, watch the Tech Talks and apply the knowledge on small personal projects.




Also check this Youtube channel, it has some small features explained in detail:




Hello Sanjay,

In my view, to be a senior developer you don't need to be an expert in any one topic, but you must have working knowledge of a little bit of everything. SQL queries, CSS selectors, REST and SOAP APIs, module and application architecture, performance diagnostics, etc. All of this on top of solid knowledge of OutSystems best practices.

Experience with common business needs is also a plus: integrating with SAP, consuming external databases for legacy/external data and developing common requirements like map/payment/communication integrations. It's a relief to find a colleague or teammate that has already implemented that one exotic API with 300 pages of documentation that nobody wants to read!

Nothing beats real world experience, and the more projects you get under your belt, the more requirements and business realities you'll be exposed to. Every time you finish something, it's always important to take a look at the end result and see how things are working and if there's anything that you or your team could have built better. This is admittedly hard to do when you're working alone or with people of the same level of experience - having a senior developer or a tech lead helping you with a project post-mortem is ideal.

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