Get file path using input filename widget


I'm trying to upload all the files of one specific directory.

This directory is choosed at runtime and I would like to use something like the input filename widget. However this widget does not provide the path of the choosen file.

Anyone has a solution or a sugestion for this problem?

Carlos Mendes
Hi Carlos,

Well, there's one question for you before you consider doing that. Is that folder in your server, or in the end-user's computer? If it is in the server, I'd say you can use the FileSystem extension (or the NetworkFileSystem extension, if it's a network folder).

If it's a folder from the user's computer, I'd say you have to build something of your own to upload those files one by one using AJAX or similar. An alternative would be to use a multiple file uploader, like jQuery's one.

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares
Mind you, the path of any input-filename is browser dependant if it's passed along or not.
(FF2 did, FF3 does not and prolly can fixed by a hack, IE is dumb, so passes everything [not sure on later versions], Chrome prolly does not)

It is not necessary at all, because after all, you are uploading the file.

I suggest to stick with Paulo's suggestion and use simple network sharing, and go from there.


thanks for the replies.

I've solved the problem with the component Multiple FIle Upload