Issues in Moving, Putting files in the sftp server using forge component- SFTPc

Hi Team,

I encounter the below error while putting the file in the sftp server. I am using the SFTPc component from the forge.

at Renci.SshNet.Sftp.SftpSession.RequestOpen(String path, Flags flags, Boolean nullOnError)
at Renci.SshNet.SftpClient.InternalUploadFile(Stream input, String path, Flags flags, SftpUploadAsyncResult asyncResult, Action`1 uploadCallback)
at OutSystems.NssSFTPc.CssSFTPc._actionPut(SftpClient sftp, String ssPath, Byte[] ssData)
   at ssOPGO_Event_IS.RssExtensionSFTPc.MssPut(HeContext heContext, Object inParamConnection, String inParamPath, Byte[] inParamData)

can someone please help me resolve this

Hello Gurpreet,

I have not used this component, but judging from the error, there may be a problem with the 'Path' you have supplied. For starters, I would suggest verifying the value of 'Path' parameter in debug mode and look for any clues. If you prefer, feel free to share the Path value here so we can take a look for any potential issues with how it may be constructed.



Hi Gurpreet Bhui ,

Could you share a solution if you have found any for the same ?



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