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I have this problem, when i add for example 2 rows, and want to delete just one, when I click the trash icon, both of them delete.

I want to know how to delete just one, can someone explain it to me?


Hello Brayan,

if possible ,Can you attached your OML here 

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

Of course, here it is


Hello Brayan,

The 'AddRow' action is adding rows with a nullidentifier to the list and the nullidentifier is then passed to the 'DeleteRow' action so all rows that were added with a nullidentifier will get deleted.

Since you only get the identifer values after you insert into the Entity, so while the data is still 'unsaved' you may have to delete each row by identifying them with an alternative attribute which is unique to each row.



ok thanks, another question if you got time.

when I select an attribute from a dropdown in the browser and write something in it, but then i change the attribute with an another in the same row, i want that it refresh it.

Hello Brayan, I want dependency to publish your module but as i see you are using CS in that CS you need to call your delete wrapper action and that CS action you will call in you existing module

For example I am attaching one Screenshot

step wise 

1) go to CS module where your entity available. create one server action make public "yes"

2) give the input Id parameter to it, and drag the delete action as fig 1 shows which you will get from entity in CS module only

for Example 

you will get same action for change branch in CS only because you create that entity read only

due to this your not able to get the CRUD operation in main module 

3) Used that wrapper in your delete row (client action)

4) pass the incoming ID to the delete action

Hope this will helps you,


Akshay Deshpande

what data type did you give to the id variable?

That is example but you need to set Id parameter same as the input parameter which is using for the delete rows action

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