OSP - Outsystems Solution Pack

OK ... Don't be mad at me for this dumb question.

I downloaded a OSP file, I double clicked it and uploaded it to the server....Now What?

How do I impliment it? How do I find it? WHAT IS IT? :-)

I downloaded the Multiple.File.Upload-1.0.0.osp

Thanks Mike
Hello Mike,

The OSP file is a solution that contain eSpaces and components; If you check on your service center you have a new eSpace, MultipleFileUpload and a new extension, MultipleFileUpload_Extension.

Can be open on the browser (for example http://localhost/multiplefileupload), because have a example screen.

I hope that helps

Hugo Pinheiro

I am using Platform Server 8.0.12

I've added all espaces and extensions to a solution, and I can see them as components. But when I download not all components get in the .osp file (I checked after extraction). Why?

By the way Include Dependencies in download is checked..Don't say I have to publish before downloading. What's the alternatives? Download one by one?