activate new account trough api-method  from email?
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When a new user registers an email is sent to the mailadres in the submitted registrationform with a link to  an API-method for it to acivate the account in the db. 

Is this the right way or not?

 If it is , I want the user to be redirected to the homepage. how do I do this? I am in a serveraction and cannot set a destination from there.

Help appreciated,



Hi Geert,

The link shouldn't go to an API method, assuming you mean a REST API method, since that's not something a browser can open. If you need e-mail address verification, use a link to a page that activates the account and shows a message to the user ("your e-mail address has been verified, and your account is now activated"), with a link they can click to go to the login page.

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