[CKEditor.Reactive] Link Target Type Default set to "_blank" is not working
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Setup the CKEditor and set the LinkTargetTYpeDefault to "_blank" and when I check the generated link there is no target="_blank"  attribute as was expected. If I manually set the target using the tab in the popup that works. My issue is all users will not always remember to do this, so the default needs to work. Help!


Hello Conroy,

When I use the CKEditor Reactive Demo application 'out of the box' I do see the target="_blank" attribute so I am not able to reproduce your issue. 

1. I have LinkTargetTypeDefault set to "_blank" 

2. I created a link in the UI in CKEditor (I do not click on the 'Target' tab)

3. When I inspect the link in Chrome, I see target="_blank" set as expected:

Clicking the link in the UI opens the window in a new browser as expected.

Is it possible that you have some custom css that may be interfering with the expected behavior?



Thanks AJ, the issue got resolved by it self , possibly css as you suggested I am not sure at the moment.

But the issue is resolved, thanks for your feedback   

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