New to Outsystems: Lots of problems

Hello all,

I have been trying to look up how to work with the pages in the applications and I wasn't able to find any so I'm posting here.

The first problem I had was when I tried to use the preview app. I had selected the "Blank App" option but it still included a login page and splash screen. I wasn't able to login when I tried to use the preview app because I didn't have the login information... Which is dumb because I never set it up to use a login.

I then tried deleting the login page and kept the splash screen but now every time I try to preview the app it comes up with an error page that states that an error occurred and to try again.

I tried changing some things but now it's a big mess. 

I'm including my project file so hopefully someone can see what I'm doing wrong.


Hi Enoch,

I was able to publish your code, run it and step through all the way without issues. What is the specific issue you are encountering?

By the way, just FYI, you can always retain the login page and just check 'Anonymous' Role in the Screen properties to bypass the login process. 



Hey AJ, 

Did you try looking at the app preview? It just showed an error for me.

Hi Enoch,

Please share a screenshot of the error you are receiving because when I click on the App Preview button (top left corner) I do not receive any errors but I just see a blank screen.

Hi Enoch,

There is a nice video tutorials provided,

I would recommend, please follow below videos and practice will help you.



Hi Enoch,

AJ already provided the right answer. Access control based on login is pre-built for you based on the roles you select on your screens. A Screen with the Anonymous role is accessible to anyone, if the Anonymous role is not selected you will need to login. Creating users is something you can do in the Users application (/Users on your environment). 

This and a lot more is part of the free online training content that I  strongly recommend you follow. Either the Course that teaches you the basics of Traditional Web apps or the Guided Path that covers Reactive apps (depending on what kind of application you are aiming for).

I guarantee you won't regret spending the time to go through training.

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