Highlight of number when click for List_navigation(Pagination)
Application Type
Traditional Web

Hello. I am using traditional web and RichWidgets\List_Navigation for pagination. Everything is ok except for example when I click on page 2 the number itself or 2 isn't highlighting. So, user who click it don't know what page he/she in. What did I forgot to do? Thanks.

Below is an example also. I'm on the last page of the table but 5 is not colored/highlighted 


Hi Matanong,

Have you inspected the code to see if the selected page number is assuming the selected class, like in the image below?

If that is the case, it means the number is correctly being applied and it is just a matter of styling. On that case, with a very simple snippet of CSS, you can adjust it to your liking, like in the example below:

Kind Regards,

This works! Thank you so much!

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