[OutSystems Data Grid] GetChangedLine is sometimes delayed
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i use GetChangedLine. 

its sometimes delayed.

ex) it returns only 2 rows even though i changed 3 rows.

how can i prevent delaying?

Hello @Jiro Yamada,

Can you please let us know when are you calling the GetChangedLine?

The wijmo grid uses observables to update the list, this should be fast, but it really depends on where are you calling the action.

Please let us know.


Bruno Martinho


I call it on the cell change event.

Where should I call it?


I'm pretty sure the onchange action fires BEFORE the cell value is changed, so when you have two changed lines already and change a third one, the GetChangedLines in the onchange action will return the first two, and not the third. Maybe that's what you're experiencing?

after 3rd value hit enter to add the values u can add 3rd values,i too have this issue i have called this GetChangedLine API in the on-change event of grid is there any solution without hitting enter the values needs to be updated  

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