Change Icon Image and Colour Dynamically

Is it possible to change the colour of an icon and the image based on data criteria.

i.e. if x = y colour = Green and Image = Tick
else colour = Black and image = Right-arrow.

I can get the colour to change but not sure how to do the image.

Hello Matt,

If you are willing to save the images in the database, you could surely change/ assign images based on data criteria as documented here.




Hi Matt,

you can use IF widget to do this.

put your condition add images (icon) and color based on data condition. once which condition is True image and color show accordingly.



Hi Matt,

can you check this link

it can help to get an idea about changing icon.


Probably should have mentioned this is for a mobile app. Will your answer still work?

You can use it on Mobile, no problem!

Kind regards,


Hello matt,

Here I have attached working URL and  OML for reference 

this will works for traditional,mobile,reactive as well 

it is just sample as per your need you will change icon,color and logic.

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande


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