Fetching values from a structure attribute

I wan to fetch a value from a structure attribute and add values of a particular field but not getting structure name in server action

Hello Manjeet,

  Have you assign the structure data type to the Local variable or Input Parameter? because after that you will be able to pass it to the  Server action used inside a flow. If you have already assigned  then can you please share the screenshot of the issue?


Pavan R 


Hi Manjeet,

This is not possible. OutSystems is very strongly typed, you cannot have an Input Parameter in an Action that's of a "generic" type and extra attributes from it.

What you can do, is have, for this Action, as input a specific Structure with all the Attributes needed for your calculation. When you call the Action, you specify as input a variable with one of the other Structures as type, and then map the right attributes (if Service Studio doesn't map them). You will, however, need to assign the output back to the original variable, but that is always the case, as Structures in Outsystems are passed by value, not by reference.

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