[Sortable AF] Sortable AF changing identifiers
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Forge component by Greg Whitten
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11.11.10 (Build 46735)

I tried using Sortable AF but when saving the new order the widget somehow changes the identifiers of the records. I have 3 records with identifiers 10, 11 and 12 which are changed to "2q4", "2q5" and "2q6" respectively. This is likely caused by either the Sortable widget or the ToArray action. Can someone help me identify what the problem might be?.


It would help a lot if you could provide a simple OML that exhibits this behaviour.

Hi Killian, I'm unfortunately not able to do that since I'm working on a work project and I'm not allowed to share that. The problem can however not be recreated in another environment. I made a dummy screen which is identical to the demo version and I traced the problem back to either the Sortable AF widget or the ToArray function which are both part of the component. I'm currently testing if deleting and downloading the component from the environment will fix the problem. I'll get back to you about that.

Update: I just tried reinstalling the component which didn't work either. 

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