Server Error?

I am getting a weird error when trying to view my project/site.  It was working fine, and I made a small change (added an ajax refresh call in a dropdown update function), and then all of a sudden I started getting the attached error.  I did just update to the latest version today.
I've tried republishing, restarting, and different browsers.  I'm not getting any errors in the IDE.  It's been a grand total of probably only a half hour, so maybe it will fix itself  .
Hi Jordan, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

It seems that Brokerage eSpace have outdated references. Go to Service Center and republish EnterpriseManager, and then publish your eSpace.

This should fix your problem, let us know how it goes.

Miguel Antunes
Hi Jordan, and welcome!

What Miguel said should do the trick. However, if it doesn't, do let us know - there might be some other avenues we should explore. For instance, where did you get this Brokerage eSpace - i.e. in what version was it originally created? And what version of the Agile Platform are you running? You might have to upgrade Enterprise Manager to the latest version, if what Miguel suggested doesn't work.

Let us know how it goes!


Paulo Tavares