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Need Feedback on my first ever mobile app.

Hello Team, 

I'm very delighted to share my first developed mobile app.

I'll be honored if I get some valuable feedback and suggestion for my future development plans 

Kindly check or please go through with the app and share your valuable view.

link to open or download  :

Thanks & regards.


Hi Vinayak, happy that you were able to develop your first mobile app with OutSystems!

Awesome app that you've built, can you tell us how you were able to make it? Did you went through the guided paths, started from an app in Service Studio, or just started from scratch without any training and made it?

For the feedback, I can share a few things.

A thing that happens with every first app is that we usually only care about the happy path, where we code for what we think the user will do. Reality is, that the user will always use the app as we, developers, don't want :)

I found two examples of it in the app:

  1. I managed to create an empty/null category.
  2. While there's a correct validation, you could help users by not allowing them to choose a past date for the task by disabling past dates in the datepicker.

There's also a calendar in the side menu but I doesn't do anything for me when I was trying. Assuming that this could be a fast way to check which tasks I have for the selected day?

Hope the feedback helps and motivates you to keep improving the app.

Thanks for sharing with us your achievement!

Hello Christiana,

Thanks for your valuable feedback, It will always admire me to my future development.

While creating the app I have completed my guided path for mobile devolopment.

Also, I genuinely appreciate your feedback and I'll definitely try to overcome those flaw's and implement the perfect product.

Thanks and wish to connect with you soon.