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Hi guys, 

when I click on the client name, and go here (photo below)

I want that when I arrive here, immediately shows the data of the client like this (photo below)

Have you got any solutions?




Hi Brayan,

it very easy you can pass client identifier in next screen and based on this identifier you can get data from aggregate and show data from this aggregate.

Hope this will help you.



if I post the .oml can you help me with an example?

Hi Brayan,

it's a little hard to understand exactly what you want from just a few screenprints, but I think it is this :

you have a detail screen of a 'cambio di filiale', and one of the details is a reference to a cliente that you want the user to be able to select from a dropdown.  

And you want to show some more details about the selected cliente, so your user can verify that it is the right person he selected ??

So one possible way is to create a webblock with cliente id as input parameter, holding all those details, and an aggregate retrieving them for the given id.  And on the webblock, have an OnParametersChanged event refreshing the aggregate.

Put this webblock on your screen and pass as input the local variable that is connected to your dropdown.


EDIT : attached is an oml with example of what I mean


Hello brayan,

If the data is null identifier() then show the form else show the data which is present in the Entities.

in the form of label and expression

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande 

Here's the .oml, if you want to help me



so the reason that it doesn't show details on your screen right now, is because the GetClientById is only executed on demand, and the refresh only is executed in the onChange event of the dropdown.  You will also have to execute it once at opening of the screen if not nullIdentifier.  As you use the


in the filter, maybe in the OnAfterFetch of GetChangeBranchById

But I think what I'm proposing is a much cleaner solution, you will not need an OnChange event anymore, and you will not need an OnAfterFetch, and there will be less clutter in your screen.


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