Google map.oml JavaScript error

I downloaded the google map component version 1.3 and extracted all the contents to a folder .after that, I installed all the extensions individually but when opened the google map.oml in service studio, I got an error from the screen preparation of the GoogleMapwithMarker web block,saying, "Unknown Runjavascript action in 'Runjavascript'Execute action'. I am using outsystems agile platform version Pls to fully understand the problem , try load that oml on the agile platform server and click publish the error pops out like a runtime error.any help regarding this problem will be appreciated
Hi Tmlewin,

this is probably occuring because you don't have that action in references. To do that, open references screen in service studio, go to HTTPRequestHandler and make sure you have the action RunJavaScript selected. 

Let us know if this solve the problem.

Miguel Antunes
I have followed your instructions but I can't find the runjavascript action in the http request handler. It's not in the list .pls if you ve any updated httprequest handler extension and a modified googlemap espace,would really appreciate if u can help with it or at least a snaphot. Thanks for the reply.
Hi, I found the run JavaScript action in the rich widgets extensions.when I tried verifying the rich widgets extension in integration studio, I got a 3 warnings saying "\source\Net\Bin\outsystems.NssAjaxwidgetExtension.pdb should not be included in the extension. I don't know if this warning mattters . Or should I terminate uploading the extension to my platform server
Attached is the extension, and bellow a screenshot of the reference screen in service studio.