On a certain module, can't drag widgets on main canvas  even i click the preview icon
Service Studio Version
11.11.10 (Build 46822)


I'm having an issue on our web application. can't drag and drop widgets to the canvas.

As I already clicked and unclicked the button preview(Ctrl+P) but still stays active.

I already used this method https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/22460/cant-add-elements-to-screen/
but still not working on me.

Screenshot of preview

This time we clicked the preview button, but still can't drag the widgets on the side and even clicked the value in the canvas. preview button was still enabled on the upper side of canvas.

Is there a settings for me to configure for this issue? 

thanks for you help!

Hello Joseph,

What happens if you close out Service Studio and reopen a new session? 

Also, is this your personal environment or enterprise?

This behavior is definitely not related to any settings that I can think of.



Hi AJ,

We can still encounter that issue, even if we close out the Service Studio and restart our devices.
Even with my colleagues experience this kind of this behavior for that certain module.


Interesting.. never seen this behavior before. Have you tried refreshing all dependencies and publishing the Module once to see if that helps. In other words, if you could share what you have already tried that would help.

Thanks AJ, for the assistance to us, but even if we published and refreshed all the dependencies. the behavior was still persisting. previously that module doesn't have that problem.

We still have our work around to drop widgets to the widget tree but it is more time consuming then dragging/selecting it on the canvas.

Thank you Joseph, yes that has to be frustrating to a degree.

There are only a couple of similar posts.  You are already aware of one, and the other resolved on its own apparently. Your situation is unique in the sense the Preview button is stuck in Active mode.

All things considered, I would suggest opening a support ticket about your experience.



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