How to split record list


I have recordlist variable which contains around 300000 records. I want to bulk insert those records using bulk insert action. But at a time, I want to pass 25000 records to the bulk insert action.

How can I iterate though the list to get 25000 records at once and after that get 25000 records.

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Suraj Borade


Hi Suraj,

You can't really do a bulk insert from a 25k record list variable.

Given the amount of information, I would suggest you to process this information on the background to avoid a timeout, after all you know it can take a few minutes and the client side / user won't wait for that.

I would therefore implement the following steps:

  • Save a file in the database;
  • Trigger a background process (timer or BPT) and inform the user the process will run in the background;
  • The timer or BPT will process the file one by one on a for each;
  • In the end of the process, delete the file from the database as binary files take up a large space in a relational database.

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