Bits & Bijt - Community meetup in the Netherlands - April 14th

Bits & Bijt - Community meetup in the Netherlands - April 14th

Hi guys!

This has been an idea we've had in the back of our minds for a while, and it is finally coming to light. In a month from now, on April the 14th, we'll have the first OutSystems community meetup in the Netherlands.It's called Bits & Bijt - or Bits and Bites, if my Dutch isn't playing tricks on me - and it's basically an opportunity for you to meet like-minded people.

What does this mean? Well, it means that if you are in the Netherlands on that date, you should definitely join us at our offices in Maarsen for a couple of hours where we'll meet, chat about stuff, have some snacks and hopefully have a great time! You're welcome to come and to bring friends and colleagues.

The event will be from 3PM to 6PM, and since it's a new thing we're testing out, we're throwing out the theme "Usability in web apps: problems and tips from the field" hoping that those of you who join us will also share some of your experiences with the rest of us. If you are available to present something for 5 to 10 minutes during the event, related to the topic, do let me know here or drop me a message. After all, if this turns out to be a big hit, surely more will follow :)

If you want to learn more about the event, do go to our event page and register there - we need to know how many people to expect so that there's nothing missing in the actual day.

Finally, if there's any questions you have, feel free to let us know - and for those who can't make it to the Netherlands, we're also considering doing it in other places later in the year, so let's see how this pilot goes!

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Paulo Tavares

Oops... It appears I had posted this in the void - thanks to all who gave me the heads up!

It's now posted in the right place - the News forum :)

Let us know your thoughts!


Paulo Tavares

I shall be there (if there is no other stuff that holds me back on that moment), think it will be nice to be able to connect some faces to 'posters' :).

Don't know what to expect but think thats gonne be allright.

Kind regards,
Quoting Evert:
Don't know what to expect but think thats gonne be allright.

Ditto ;)
Working hard to get time off :)
I had been wondering why you hadn't registered yet, actually.

I sure hope you can make it! :)
Hi guys,

So we're less than 24h away from the big event. I hope everyone's hyped about it - we are very enthusiastic, and hope it'll be a great way to get together and meet you all in person.

Make sure you show up: the event starts at 3PM, and at 4PM we'll start the presentations!

Regards, and see you all tomorrow.

Paulo Tavares
Hi peeps!
I won't be able to join you this time and I can't go to Next Step either :(
So I hereby send my regards to all and I hope you can arrange another meeting like this before 8th June... (I'm leaving NL)
Have fun this afternoon!!
Hi Carolina,

We surely missed you there - there were over 30 of our Dutch community members there, and I think it was a great event overall.

I'm sorry to say that most likely we will not have an event before June 8th, because it's a bit close to Next Step, but let's see.

Overall, thanks a lot to everyone who participated, we hope you had a great time :) It was great to finally meet in person many of the people who we talk to here in the forums.

Paulo Tavares
It was very fun and educational.

Thanks for organizing this casual event. Looking forward for the next one, if there is gonna be one.
Hi Paulo,

This was the first worldwide developer meeting !! This is a very usefull initiative and should be held more often.
Nice to have Tiago share his vision on Usability. A few aha-moments.

And off course the nice Dutch Community Member badge :-)

Like to see some pictures.

Hi all,

Also wanted to say that even I liked the developer meeting.

It was nice to see there are (a lot) more OS developer then I expected even knowing not everybody was there.
Found it also educational to have a (peek) view in some other applications and hearing of there problem and solutions.

A big thanks to the organisation! Thougt it would be kept easy and simple but every thing was very well organized.

Looking forward to the next meeting :).

Kind regards,

Hi all,

Yes, it was a great event, and we're all really glad that you liked it, and looking forward to the next ones.

We'll be uploading the pictures to our Flickr account, and then we'll post them for everyone to see. There are some great pictures there!

Here's a small preview:

Hope you like them - thanks to Ruud and Mireille for being our professional photographers :)


Paulo Tavares
Hi all,

Here's the final "bite" off the Bits & Bijt event: we've uploaded some of the pictures to our Flick account, for your viewing pleasure.

You can see them here.

I hope you enjoy them.


Paulo Tavares