select cancel in popup but action is executed


I use popup.

When I select cancel in popup , next action is executed.

I think popup don't signal cancel information.

What can I do?

And I want to know about how to know that what is selected (cancel or do) in popup.

Now, I can't judge what was selected in popup at next action.

Any signal(output parameter) send to next action.

This is not my environment so I can't take any picture.  


there is little information, but you can add a local boolean variable and associate the cancel action... if you click on cancel the variable becomes true (for example)... And if it is true, the other thing appears on the screen.

Another option is for events, add an event that communicates.

Sorry for asking, are you working in reactive or traditional?

I think is traditional, have you already tried using the Popup EditorClose?

There are some questions that might help you

I think this, is really good!

And you have another one helping to close the popup and if you want to refresh and go to another screen it shows you how too!

Let me know if any of those helped you!

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