How to Get Object UserId from Azure and store it?

How to Get Object UserId from my application which is located on Azure and store it with Outsystems?

Hi Gaetano,

When using an identity provider you still need to create a corresponding user in the OutSystems database. You can then create a session for the user, in the OutSystems environment, when the user successfully authenticates in Azure.

How are you integrating with Azure? 

If you are using this the platform already logs in the user and you can get the UserId by calling the built-in function GetUserId()?


Azure AD manages me user access. 


That part was clear, but if your read the link I shared with you, you still need to create the users in the OutSystems database. You can use the built-in capabilities and configure the integration with Azure AD following the instructions in the link I shared.

Aditionally you can use implement other auth flows, such as OAuth2 Authorization Flow, however with this approach you have to manage the user creation by yourlself.

The general ideia is that:

  1.  User authentication is delegated to Azure
  2. After the user performs the login in Azure the user is redirected to the Outsystems environment
  3. User session has to be created in Outsystems (silent login), therefore you need the user to exist in the Outsystems database 

My original question was to understand in which way you are integrating Outsystems with Azure. Is it using the built-in capabilities or via a another mechanism?


We are using an idp module from forge which uses a Saml protocol and integrates with external systems.


Hi Gaetano,

In your configuration, did you enable the option "Automatic User Provisioning"?


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