[Data Grid Reactive] Any plans to add conditional formatting to other column data types?
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First of all, thank you for adding the ability to add conditional formatting for numeric columns!

Are there any plans to add a similar capability to other column types, such as date or text?

Once our customer sees something like that, they wonder why we can't do it for other columns as well :)

Thanks for working so hard on this amazing component.  We really appreciate it!

Hello @Jared Jones.

Currently the Date and DateTime columns also have conditional format.

For text column, we have it on our backlog, but it hasn't been requested yet as an important feature, so far from the feedback we had

Please let us know if you have real use cases that require the feature.


Bruno Martinho

Here is a use case that we are facing right now.  We have some boolean values for various attributes of a record.  We use conditional formatting to display an icon when the value is true, (field = 1).  The numbers work well for this purpose, but they are not user friendly for filtering.

The customer would prefer the values to be Yes/No instead of 1/0 so that it's more easily understood. Therefore, we would like to be able to add conditional formatting based on a text value.

Please add the conditional formatting to CheckboxColumns

Hello @Jared Jones and @Stein Jørgen Dahle 

Thanks for the feedback, we are considering implementing the conditional format for Checkbox and Text column.


Bruno Martinho

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