Filter data on List record from another webblock
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11.11.11 (Build 47088)


I have a use case where web screen consists of 2 webblocks:

1. Search Webblock (with search keyword, dropdown filters)

2. Second webblock contains List Record.

How to filter data on second webblock using filter value from first webblock.


Hi Shivam,

On your first webblock, when you search (whether by a "Search" button or by OnChange event on the input and dropdown filters), you throw an event with the value of the search keyword input and dropdown filters. The handler on the screen will save these values in local variables and these local variables will be used and parameters of the second web block.

The second webblock will perform a query using those inputs and present them on the List Records.

Now, if you're working on:

  • Traditional Web: you will need to Ajax Refresh the second webblock, so the query in Preparation will run again with the new parameters and you can get up to date results;
  • Mobile / Reactive: you will have an OnParametersChanged action to refresh the query when the parameters change.

Since you mention the word "webblock", my guess is you are working on a Traditional Web application and thus I attach a TW sample with the aforementioned use case.

Kind Regards,


Hi Shivam,

João Marques
is correct,  If you are working in reactive then OnParametersChanged event would solve your problem.

please check attached OML and URL


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