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Hello, I have problem with my dropdown widget. I dont know how to explain but this is the image

I want to make the dropdown widget like the combobox that we can scroll it outside the table so doesnt got inside table like dropdown widget, how to do this?or what is the best practice to use drop down widget? (I set my table height to auto so that the horizontal scrollbar got near in the table regardless how many data in there)

Thankyou for the help

Hello Jason,

Based on your screenshot, I believe you are referring to the "Dropdown Select" widget, but just to be clear which of the following are you referring to:




Yeah that's right.

When I open the dropdown, It's not behave like the combobox that dropdown to outside table instead inside table like the picture above

Hello Jason, can you check this link?


Kind Regards,


Hi, thankyou for the answer.

I already implemented the css from the link that you sent, but there is one problem with the width. The width doesn't fill the column (I set width to "Fill) and I already tried to change width but no effect. How to solve this?

In the development the width looks fine

So, that CSS has a property, the position absolute and it was one of the ways of doing what you want.

And if we are going to fix the position, if you are going to change your screen size, or for other people that have different screen sizes, it can break the visual of the screen.

I found some other things that can help you accomplish that.




This last link i am trying to test

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Sorry I just found out that it has problem with my horizontal scrollbar yeah..

I think absoulte means fixed position..so the best thing is to use data grid web?

I am not saying is the best solution and depends on your case and your need for the dropdown, but right now I am just finding this other way of doing what you want.

And as it says:

Use Data Grid to create enterprise-grade data grid interfaces. Enable your users to access, explore, and edit large datasets, in a responsive interface.

But I think is a good solution! And I would recommend trying (i never used data grid, but it's a powerful widget that I want to use).

Kind Regards,


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