Autoresponse emails

Autoresponse emails

In public sites for example,people register and an auto response email is automatically sent containing their login credentials and activation code.How can such auto response emails be designed in service studio.

Secondly in contact  forms users can  send emails by filling their name email ,address ,subject  and onclick of the send button the email is automatically sent to the customers care  mailbox,I want to know how to configure emails to be sent to my online  mailbox (e.g,yahoo or hotmail or aol)instead of outlook . 
Hi Tmlewin,

The answer to both your questions are probably answered by reading our guides on How to configure the Agile Platform to send e-mails, the Overview of the e-mail capabilities, and a thread on how to configure the Agile Platform to use Gmail for sending e-mails.

I also encourage you to visit both our Guides and How-tos section in the forums, as well as our How to section in the website! I'm sure you'll find many information nuggets there as well ;)

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares