[Data Grid Reactive] how can i make the header name multiple lines?
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i want to make the header name multiple lines like the  above sample.

how can i do it?

i want to know both ways of manual and automatic.


Hi Jiro,

You could use the following method to set wordWrap to a column where 1 should be the index of your column.

GridAPI.GridManager.GetActiveGrid().provider.columns[1].wordWrap = true

@Gabriel Lundgren 

it is wondaful

thank you very much

i appreciate you

@Jiro Yamada
You can check the following 2 posts where it is possible to break the header text into multiple lines both automatically and manually.

[Data Grid Reactive] How to WordWrap column header and set header height on grid load https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/71303/how-to-wordwrap-column-header-and-set-header-height-on-grid-load/

[Data Grid Reactive] Line breaks of header on specific position

Hope this helps.


thank you very much

i appreciate you

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