[Data Grid Reactive] how can i make the height of the header rows short
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my gird's header is too tall.

i want to make it short.

how can i do it?


Hi Jiro,

I believe you could use this method GridAPI.GridManager.GetActiveGrid().provider.columnHeaders.rows.defaultSize = size you want.

I must say that this has might affect the grid somehow and might cause some undesired issues.

Thank you,
Gabriel Lundgren

@Gabriel Lundgren  

very good

thank you very much

but the letters became upside like this:

to fix this issue, can i add the following style?

.wj-colheaders > .wj-row > .wj-cell, .wj-flexgrid .wj-colheaders .wj-header.wj-colgroup.wj-cell{

    padding-bottom: 8px;


do you have better solutions?


you can change padding from upside. It will be adjusted.



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