Performance issues in Service Studio

Hello everyone,

We have an application in our environment with many UI modules and core service modules(as per business requirement). The UI modules have a lot of screens, widgets and actions.  And the core service modules with all the aggregates, server/service actions, timers etc.
There are multiple developers working on the aforementioned modules, hence merging and publishing is required.

The developers are facing a lot of performance issues with the service studio especially for these modules.

1. On some occasions the service studio becomes very slow: the service studio becomes unresponsive for a few mins even for basic actions for example, adding entities to an aggregate, changing joins, or assigning a widget on a screen.

2. The screens/blocks on a UI module takes around 10-45 mins to load depending on the number of widgets/elements on the screen, and even more time to make changes.

3. The one click publish button on click sometimes freezes for a considerable amount of time, and the operation takes an hour or two to complete. In cases where merging and publishing is clicked it takes even longer.

4. Refreshing dependencies also might take about an hour to complete, till then the service studio is just frozen.

I have noticed that whenever these problems arise, the memory usage and/or the cpu usage is very high.

The above problems are causing a lot of unnecessary delays and frustration during development.

Is there anything we could do to handle these problems, or any advice on what can be done to mitigate these performance issues?


Hi Amol,

Needless to say, these are ludicrous delays. Even with the largest modules, it shouldn't take more than a minute to load and publish. I would certainly contact OutSystems Support to ask them how you can troubleshoot this.

In the mean time, what is the memory size on the development machines? Service Studio needs at least 2 GiB of free memory to operate comfortably if you have large modules open. Out development machines have at least 8 GiB of memory, most have 16 or more. Also, what kind of hard disks do you have? Conventional ones or SSDs? Because from your description I suspect you have too little memory and conventional hard disks, causing a lot swapping because of out-of-memory conditions, on slow disks making it even worse.


This definitely sounds like it should be a support case.

A few more things:

* Service Studio in the past has had leaks on RAM and some browser window processes that are used in some parts of the tool. Try closing Studio out completely, and look for processes of Studio, and "browser window" below it, and terminate those too, and then see if reopening Studio and the modules helps.

* Reference checks has been known to have leaks, especially in older versions of Studio. Being on the latest version of 11 will help with that. Using "Remove Unused References" has helped me in the past as well.

* Slow, unreliable (dropped packets), and high latency connections to the server can make a lot of things slow.

* Is this only a few modules, or ALL modules? A module may need to be repaired by OS Support if it just a few of them.

* What happens when you publish through Service Center? Is it equally slow?

Based on the times you are reporting, I don't think this is something that will be resolved without the help of Support, though. :(


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