How to turn off Device Emulation in Production Environment

Hi Team, Suddenly this Device Emulation start showing in my production sites. Please help me to hide this. I tried to do disable this using Silk UI web site property but I checked in service center and didn't find Silk UI Web application.

Hi Shailendra,

Please follow link. Hope this will help you.


Hi Dileep, 

In the given link, solution is provided with the help of site property which is in Silk UI but as I mentioned Silk UI Web application is not available in my production service center. So I won't be able to use give site property setting.

Sorry, I didn't notice, I though u are facing this in OS10, having SILKUI web.

No idea in that case, may be there may be some configurations.

I am just guessing may be then

you need to detect Agent and Environment at run time and Post login you can redirect to some other page with Message If Agent is Browser and Environment is Production.


Thanks Dileep for the solution but its not working for me. 

I tried to reproduce the same issue in my personal environment and found that there is a site property 'DisableSimulationDeviceInDev  ' is in Silk UI framework 4.x. through this we can on/off the Device simulation but I production , we are using Framework Version: 2.2.0 and given site property is missing there . We are not facing this issue in STG environment. In my PROD and STG, we are using the same Silk UI framework 2.2.

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