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Hi all,

I am having some trouble with the dropdownSearch widget. It seems to have trouble searching special characters such as & and ", but * does not seem to affect the search. For example, I have a list as in the screenshots below. Some of them have special characters. When I am not searching everything displays as it should. 

If I search for & there is no results. Same happens when I search for ".

But when I search for * it does find the correct result.

This is how I have setup the widget in SS

And the advanced format that I am using is the following:

"{  shouldSort:false,
    fuseOptions: {caseSensitive: false , findAllMatches: true , thresHold: 0.5 , distance: 1000 }

Any help on why I am unable to search for characters such as & would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi Stefan,

I think DropdownSearch doesn't support few special character (&,", etc) by default.

There is a possibilities you may need to do some configurations under advancedFormat or clone the OutsystemsUI and check the DropdownSearch  control login.

DropdownSearch's Advanced Format is depends on fusejs.io. Please check the Options.

Hope it will help you to get some idea.

Thank you Dileep.

I will have a look at the advanced format to see if there is anything I can add.

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