How to find the status of the Windows services ?

How to find the status of the Windows services ?

I had the Windows services.In my application on clicking the button i have to find the status of the windows service whether it Running or Stopped.
Is it possible?If it possible please guide the code or sample for this solution.

Thank you..
Hi Devaraj,

Are you talking about checking the status of your Outsystemsplatform services? To check the status of your platform server Windows services, you can use the Platform Monitoring functionality. It is availalble in Service Center under the MONITORING/Platform Monitoring tab.

If you are talking about other Windows services you will have to develop a custom code extension to do it - you will have to write the C# code that retrieves that information from the Operating System (there is surely an Windows Operating System library that will give you the API to get that information).  Please be aware that you have to be running your application with the permissions that can access that specific  information.

See how you develop custom code extensions in the video Integrate and extend using your technology standards.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço