DragTable\DragTableJS - Enable\Disable Dragging
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11.11.11 (Build 47088)

Hi Guys,

we have recently implemented a filtering per column for our table and now the end-user wants the capability of the drag and drop and luckly we have found this component in forge the DragTable\DragTableJS and it does the job for a normal table but for some instance we can't make it compatible with a custom header in which also has a text field that filter the record. Whenever we try to click the textbox it behaves or enable the dragging of column.

See image below.

Is there anyone who have previously use the component as the DragHandle is not working when i assign the container of the text field to a specific class name and assign it to Draghandle property.

Thank you in advance.

When you keep a mouse button and start to transport the mouse, the dragstart occasion fires at the draggable detail which you’re dragging. The cursor adjustments to a no-drop symbol (a circle with a line via it) to signify which you can not drop the detail on itself. After the dragstart occasion fires, the drag occasion fires again and again so long as you drag the detail. And The dragend occasion fires while you forestall dragging the detail. The goal of all events (e.goal) is the detail this is being dragged. By default, the browser doesn’t extrade the advent of the dragged detail. Therefore, you could personalize its look primarily based totally to your preferences.

can you elaborate in layman's term. 

I do need the input field set to focus once it was click but unfortunately the header goes to drag mode. the work around is right click on the input field then press escape button then left or right arrow to be able to have the focus to the input field 

You can check mylowes login and mykohlscharge login to get a detailed explanation in layman's term

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