Changing format of downloadable word document
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Hi there I'm trying to change the format of the word document that is downloaded. How would I do this? I've attached a photo of the JavaScript being used for this.  

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Hi Shaan,

I don't know why you want to change the format of document using JavaScript.

But I just want to tell that OutSystems is already having the Download  Widget control by default under Screen Control.

You just need to pass the File content (in binary)  and File Name followed by format extension (.pdf, .xml, .doc etc).

It will automatically download the document in specified format.


Might be in your case you need to change the format on below mentioned place

You can take an input parameter "Format" and replaced"$parameter.Format" in place of ".doc".

And pass the format value (.pdf, .xml, .doc)  as per your requirements whenever you are using JavaScript.


Hi Dileep when I say format I mean like the layout of the document itself so how it looks.

How would I adjust this?

Kind Regards 


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