Interested in Javascript and frameworks ... ???

Interested in Javascript and frameworks ... ???


JavaScript is hot and getting hotter.
If you're at the intermediate or advanced level in your JavaScript practice, now's the best time to level up to expert with this JavaScript Master Class.

What: JavaScript Expertise, Served Up Hot
Where: Online! Learn JavaScript in your Pyjamas
When: March 30/31, 2011 (two half-days), 9am-1pm ET*
Who: Amy Hoy (famous designer in the Ruby on Rails world), Thomas Fuchs ( framework)... and you

*That's 2pm to 6pm London time; 3pm to 7pm CET (Paris, Berlin, Rome); 6:30pm to 10:30pm IST (New Delhi, Mumbai)

This course is 100% framework agnostic!
You will learn boatloads, whether you use Prototype, jQuery, Mootools, node.js, or just your own naked cleverness.
Not for free unfortunately ... :-( 

This is cool Joop!

Has anyone taken any of these courses in the past? Do you recommend them? The presenters do add lots of credibility to the course...


Paulo Tavares