[Data Grid Reactive] How to not take into account validation status of rows that are deleted *Bug?*
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Whenever I input a number into a Number Column in DataGrid, I have a condition where the validation status of the cell (IsValid) is set to False. 

Later when saving, I only save the data if there is no Invalid data.

If there is a row with invalid data, and I delete the row and try to save, the DataGrid still won't save. This can be seen with the GetChangedLines.ChangedLines.InvalidLines.

Is there any way to ignore for validation checks (GetChangedLines.ChangedLines.HasInvalidLines) any rows that have been deleted? 

I will include pictures to explain the use case:

1. There is invalid data in the Datagrid.

2. I delete the invalid row:

3. Console.log the invalid lines AFTER deleting the row. The deleted row is still showing up as invalid Line, even if it is deleted from the Grid.

Does this mean I have to change the validation status to IsValid = True before deleting the row?

This happens even if I refresh the data which populates the Datagrid :P

Hi Takeru,

Thanks for bringing this topic into discussion. I'll analyze this issue and if it confirms, I'll open a ticket on our backlog.

Kind regards,

Gabriel Lundgren

Thank you.

Please get back to me with any updates, just in case it is something I'm doing wrong and not a bug on the Data Grid Reactive component.

Hello @Takeru Mazuelos ,

We'll work to solve this behavior.

Thanks for your feedback,

Bruno Martinho

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