[OutSystems UI] Translate cancel button of Action Sheet UI pattern
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Hi Community,

Is there any solution to translate the 'cancel' text in the action sheet pattern? I found this topic about translation UI widgets (topic in 2020 that they are working on a solution in the near future) but I do not know of any solution to do this (without having to clone it). 

Best regards,



Hi @Bart Nooijens,

Unfortunately, making a clone is still the only solution for this particular pattern. 

That being said, we still intend to release a fix for this in the near future, by making that button editable!

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso

Hi @Bernardo Cardoso!

Good to know that we're going to see improvements to the Action Sheet widget in the near future. Speaking of improvements, just a side-question, though: will it be possible to include unlimited buttons in it (instead of being limited to just 5 buttons, currently in place by 5 fixed placeholders)?


Hi @Caio Santana Magalhães,

For now, I don't have the exact details on what and how it will change. 

That being said...one of the main reasons for us to rework the ActionSheet is precisely to change how it's content is managed, and open the possibility to add any custom content inside the pattern!

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso 

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