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Hello All

I have a scenario where on click of Recover Password, a mail gets triggered to the user mail id with a link to open recover password screen. The requirement is to make that link clickable for 24 hrs. After 24 hrs of receiving the mail, user wont be able to click on the link received in his mail.

Please provide your valuable suggestion how to achieve this scenario. Also please let me know if any further information required. Thanks.



You can use parameter input in the screen, so when user put the url, it'll put it like this example :

Key is variable input and you put validation on those key, that will expired after 24 hours.



Hi Vivek,

For these cases, usually your recover page password has a GUID as a parameter which you use to control the expiration date.

So, what you would do:

1. Add a GUID as the screen parameter for the recover password screen you want to only be accessible 24 hours;

2. You create a table with a text field for the GUID and a date time for the expiration date;

3. Before you send an email, you create a record in that table with a new GUID (use GenerateGUID() function from System) and add 24 hours to the currDateTime() when you do so for the expiration date;

4. Send that GUID on the URL you are sending on the email;

5. Finally, on your recover password screen, you will do a query on that table for the GUID received as input parameter and if the expiration date is in the past, you show an error message on the screen rather than the options to recover password.

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