How can I overwrite Parameter when I submit form.

I has a Data( BlogA1) get on Database and I will upload to form for user update some in blog. After them when I change something in form my data is replaced (new data on BlogA1) data and I will use Update generation of Outsystems it will be replace all attributes in an entity. So I need when I change in form it replace for Attribute is change before.

This is my form.

Tks all.

Are you saying you are trying to update the data into the database and instead of executing server action it is directly updating the database? If so then refer below .OAP file you will get the answer.

Here I'm updating room so I have assigned aggregates column to variable property of the widget

And OnClick Save button calling SaveOnClick screen action where logic is written

Here I have used CreateOrUpdate method as if user wants to update existing room he can simply click on the name of the room which is a link redirects to same screen (NewRoom) but sending current room's id and if he clicks on new room then NullIdentifier() will be sent as an identifier which is input parameter of NewRoom screen.


I will try it thanks for your anwser

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