MainContent placeholder for Web App has limit on number of rows?

I created a Web App, add screen and add controls to it. But I found that after added controls in 20 rows on the MainContent placeholder, I cannot add further control on it. Appreciate if anyone can help to solve this.

Hi Sang, 

Can you provide the OML? I cannot replicate this behavior.

Hello @Sang Yam,

I believe you are dragging and dropping the 'Label' widget onto the Main Editor / Designer layout. After 20 Label widgets, I agree it is very hard to drag and drop the next Label widget exactly under the previous one.

That's when you can click on the 'Widget Tree' (shown below) and drag and drop the additional Label widgets directly on to the MainContent placeholder. This is how I was able to easily create Label21, 22, and 23 as shown below:

Hope this helps,


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