Change SSL Certificate - Generate Native Applications


I need to change the SSL Certificate on a production environment and will need to generate again all my mobile applications. Does this also requires a new submission to the Mobile Stores (Apple, Google)?


If you what you are doing is installing new certificates for the same domain, I don’t think you need to publish new native builds.

If by installing new certificates you mean that you will install SSL certificates doe your own domain, and as such also change the domain used by the platform, you will have to publish new native builds. Also be aware that if this is the case you mobile apps will not be able to connect to the backend until your users install the update of the app. When applying your own certificates, the previously used url will most likely become unavailable. The url of the backend is part of the mobile app and the mobile app doesn’t know about this new location. This was true when we investigated the move from using a * to a *.customerdomain.example.

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